We are committed to building and developing a network of medical centers that prioritize public health. The main reason for the success of our centers lies in our faith and contribution to modern medical technology, the work of highly qualified specialists and the good coordination of company structures to ensure quality in public health.

Orhun Medical started its activities in 2015 by opening its first center in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our facility, which originally operated as a Radiology Center, continued to grow by adding clinical and laboratory services to its structure. Radiology Center in Almaty is followed by the Diagnostic Center on Dostyk street (crossing Shevchenko) and by PET/CT center as being part of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology (KAZIOR). Almaty is followed by the medical clinics in the cities of Karaganda and Taraz, and by the radiology centers in the cities of Aktau and Pavlodar.

Our corporate vision is to create an expanding network of medical centers that are equipped with advanced modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. We are honored to be able to realize innovative projects that leads the healthcare services in Kazakhstan. In near future, we are planning to build a tomotherapy clinic, which will be added next to our radiology and PET / CT centers. This center will be the first and most advanced cancer treatment center in Kazakhstan, which will be hope for many patients every year.

We recognize that we still have a way to go in the health care sector in Kazakhstan, thanks to our experience, the ethical values ​​that we adhere to and the drive for development that we will never give up. Our greatest desire is to work for the benefit of the Kazakh people’s health.